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Feb 1, 2013 6:00pm EST
especially mark kelly her husband who said that if there were background-- that gabby gifford would not have been testifying that day. i think there is a good chance on high capacity magazines. i mean when you've got military style assault weapons and high capacity magazines, they're intended for one person. and that is to inflict as much damage on human beings in as short as time as possible. that is what they are there for. i thought the president showed some presence when he talked about people grow og up with rifles. a 10-year-old receiving a rifle from his father. that there is not the demonizeing of the other side of people who have firearms as part of their family and tradition. i thought that show a certain maturity and i hope a political awareness. >> woodruff: we know the president is going to keep talking about this. he is due to go to minnesota on monday to talk about this the gun issue again. david, you mentioned immigration. there was you the bipartisan group of senators come out this week with the plan and the next day the president rolled out his plan. so you do see
Jan 30, 2013 6:00pm EST
and her husband, former astronaut mark kelly have now launched their own campaign for tougher gun laws. capitalizing on the public outcry that followed december's mass shooting at an elementary school in newtown, connecticut. >> after 20 kids and six of their teachers were gunned down in their classrooms at sandy hook, we said, this time must be different. something needs to be done. we are simply two reasonable americans who have said enough. >> ifill: but at today's hearings, national rifle association vice president wayne lapierre pushed back insisting that the real solution to gun violence is to enforce existing laws. >> unfortunately, we've seen a dramatic collapse in federal gun prosecutions in recent years. overall in 2011, federal weapons prosecutions per capita were down 35% from their peak in the previous administration. that means violent felons, gang members and the mentally ill who possess firearms are not being prosecuted. and that's unacceptable. proposing more gun control laws, while failing to enforce the thousands we already have is not a serious solution to redu
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2